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The Inspiration 

Darlene Bishop-Driscoll understands the need for Christ-Centered support to women facing crisis while pregnant.  In a post-Roe society, the need for services that will reach abortion vulnerable women will be imperative.  Babies' lives will be saved! Women's lives will be renewed and restored through the loving support of the Home for Life!


Darlene and her husband Phil Driscoll, are passionate about protecting the lives of the unborn.  They realized their mission is to save the babies, thus offering a home where mothers can be taught about the love and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  They know that babies will be born as a result of the loving intervention of the Home for Life.

Society and even the government is trying to say that women must have rights to an abortion.  They fail to say that having an abortion compounds a woman's suffering, by taking the life of her unborn baby.  This is my reason for building a life-saving home for women.  It is my prayer that you will love this ministry to women, support this home in order for babies to see life.  Won't you join me in saving lives through this God-ordained ministry?! 

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