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Caring for those who choose LIFE

The Home for Life

About the Home for Life

The Home For Life is a place that provides shelter and life affirming programs to support women who choose to carry their child.  In doing so, we offer care from pregnancy until after childbirth, while equipping mothers with life skills and spiritual growth.  Our vision is to mentor our moms, give parenting and adoption support and encourage them as they gain strength for future decision making for themselves and their babies.  

HFL does not discriminate against any race or religion.  Admission into the Home is made on a first come, first serve basis, along with the degree of need and the determination of applicant's desire to benefit from our program.

Home For Life Courtyard

Our Founder

Founder - Darlene Bishop Driscoll

In 2003, the Lord gave Darlene Bishop-Driscoll  a vision to build a home for mothers, as an alternative to abortion. Click on the below link to learn more about her and hear her amazing testimony. 

Servies anchor


Life Affirming Options (Parenting /Adoption Education)
Healthy Family Support
Academic Preparation & Tutoring (GED Prep)
Labor & Childbirth Education and Support
Crafts, Arts & Creative Classes
Residency - Transitions for Mom & Baby
Life Skills Classes
Chapel Services - Worship


After I submit my interest application will someone contact me?

Yes.  Someone will contact you within 48 hours upon receipt of your interest application.  A phone interview will be scheduled and after an interview, a decision will be determined.  If approved, a date will be scheduled for entrance into the Home For Life.

How long will I be able to stay at the Home For Life?

A woman may stay at the Home throughout her pregnancy and up to six months after having her baby.  Should a mother need to stay longer, a decision can be made on an individual basis. 

Can I make an Adoption Plan for my baby? 

Yes.  Information about various adoption choices will be made available.  Referrals will be given to the women who choose an Adoption Plan.

What will I need to bring during my stay at the Home For Life?

An Intake Volunteer will contact you to review a list of items acceptable to bring to the Home For Life.  If you do not have these items, we can offer articles included in our Blessing Closet. 

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